Get Activated

This year’s conference focuses on the themes of "How To" and "DIY Activism" as ways to get more people involved and share strategies, tactics, lessons learned, etc.

If you have an idea, project or research area that you want to share, collaborate on, or learn more about, fill out the submission forms below and let us know!

The deadline for submissions is February 15.

Session Proposals: Workshops / Showcases

I/A is about more than just talking. We care about the doers and the makers. We also often learn best from experience and experimentation. Do you have a story to tell? Something to demo? If you have an idea or project you want to plan or launch, then we want to help you workshop it. If you have lessons learned or awesome success from past or existing project, we want you to share and showcase it.

Session Proposals: Hacking / Collaborating

Building a broader movement requires working together. I/A brings together leaders from all across the IP and activism spectrum. If you’re looking to team up with others or have special skills or resources to offer, let us know what you’re interested in and we can look into setting up a session to bring you together with others who have similar interests.

Session Proposals: Projects and Ideas I’d like to Learn More About

What questions do you want answers to? Are you curious or impressed by someone else’s work or research? Let us know and we’ll look into inviting them to do a session on it.