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Below you will find details on our schedule and our sessions. And don’t forget to check out the Students for Free Culture Summit, happening Sunday, April 22 at Berkeley Law School.


Friday, April 20

Saturday, April 21



Cut Them Some Slacktivism
Alexis Ohanian (reddit)

The Proactive Agenda: What Does It Look Like?
Mike Masnick (TechDirt/Floor64), Mike McGeary (Engine Advocacy), Nicole Ozer (ACLU of Northern California)

Trademark Bullies, Transnational Boundaries, and Anti-Brand Activism
Talha Syed (Berkeley Law), Corynne McSherry (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Sonia Katyal (Fordham Law), Jonathan McIntosh (Rebellious Pixels)

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Breakout Sessions

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Online Activism Visuals
Hugh D’Andrade (, Doris Yee (GOOD Inc.), Jonathan McIntosh (Rebellious Pixels)

Funding Online Activism: Bull Markets in the Awesome Exchange
Tim Hwang (Awesome Foundation), David Boyce (Fundly), Susan Gordon (, James Beshara (Crowdtilt)

Building a Bridge Over the Beltway: The Who, What, Why and How of Tech Policy Advocacy in Administrative Rulemakings
Blake Reid (Georgetown IPR), Julie Samuels (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Nicholas Bramble (Yale ISP)

OER from the Core: Changing Institutional and Governmental IP Policies
Tim Vollmer (Creative Commons), Delia Browne (Peer 2 Peer University/Australian National Copyright Unit), Carolina Rossini (Berkman Center)

OER from the Edge: MOOCShop
Philipp Schmidt (Peer 2 Peer University), Audrey Watters (Hack Education)

Copyright Exceptions and Limitations for Education, Libraries, and Research
Delia Browne (Peer 2 Peer University/Australian National Copyright Unit), Angelica Das (American University-Center for Social Media), Peter Brantley (Internet Archive/Open Content Alliance)

Mapping the IP Activism Space
Lila Bailey (Berkeley Law), Andrew McDiarmid (CDT), Peter Maybarduk (Public Citizen)

Keeping It Global - Transnational Awareness and Organizing
Jessica Coates (Creative Commons), Michael Geist (University of Ottawa), Meredith Jacob (AU Washington College of Law PIJIP), Kat Walsh (Wikimedia Foundation)

Emerging Technologies/Platforms for Activism: What We Have & What We Need
Ben Moskowitz (Mozilla), Tony Lai (LawGives), Jim Pugh (Rebuild the Dream)

Workshop: Using Emerging Technologies/Platforms to Run a Campaign
Laure Parsons (x+x connect/NYC Copynight), Erica Priggen (Free Range Studios), Ben Moskowitz (Mozilla), Colin Mutchler (LoudSauce)
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Open Access
Dave Hansen (Berkeley Law), Michael Eisen (UC Berkeley/PLoS), Ali Sternburg (AU Washington College of Law PIJIP), Nick Shockey (Right to Research Coalition/SPARC)

Effectively Disseminating Research
Colleen Chien (Santa Clara Law), Joe Karaganis (American Assembly), Kate Crawford (Microsoft Research/UNSW)

The Empirical Battle over IP: Data, Damned Data, and Statistics
Tal Niv (Creative Commons), Joe Karaganis (American Assembly), Glynn Lunney (Tulane University Law School), Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston University/MIT), Colleen Chien (Santa Clara Law)

Should IP Activists go to Law School?
Derek Slater (Google), Jennifer Urban (Berkeley Law), Rainey Reitman (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The Taxonomy of the Perfect Test Case
Marcia Hofmann (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Julie Ahrens (Stanford Fair Use Project), Mark Jaycox (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Andy Sellars (Berkman Center)

Robolawyering for the Open Interwebz
Tim Hwang (Robot, Robot and Hwang), Michelle Koeth (Code for America), Steve Schultze (Princeton CITP), Christopher Wong & Kristoff Grospe (NYLS IILP)

Funding/New Business Models Without Maximum IP
Jon Garon (NKU Chase Law & Informatics Institute), Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston University/MIT)

Changing the Conversation About Software Patents in a Post-SOPA World
Julie Samuels (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Timothy Lee (Ars Technica), Christina Mulligan (Yale Law School Information Society Project)

Beyond the Charity Concert: Artists as Activists
Jess Hemerly (Google), Deyden Tethong (Air Traffic Control), Larisa Mann (DJ Ripley), Erin McKeown (Musician/Berkman Center)

Margot Kaminski (Yale ISP), Peter Maybarduk (Public Citizen), Gwen Hinze (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Matt Kavanagh (HealthGAP)

How Online Activists Can/Should Protect Themselves from IP Threats
Corynne McSherry (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Joe Gratz (Durie Tangri), Andrew Bridges (Fenwick & West LLP)

Post-SOPA: Lessons Learned; Keeping People Engaged
Parker Higgins & Trevor Timm (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Sherwin Siy (Public Knowledge), Jared Friend (Berkeley Law), Elizabeth Stark (Stanford)

Future Threats to Future Tech
Michael Weinberg (Public Knowledge), Jennifer Granick (, Josh Levy (Free Press), Jishnu Menon (Mozilla)

Open Internet Action Session
Elizabeth Stark (Stanford University)

Open Data Workshop
Lisa Green (Common Crawl), Ahrash Bissell (MITE)

Checking the Gender Box: How Gender Matters in Tech Activism
Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Larisa Mann (DJ Ripley), Rainey Reitman (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Continuing the Digital Civil Rights Conversation
  Lateef Mtima (Institute for IP and Social Justice/Howard Law), Chancellar Williams (Free Press), Amalia Deloney (Center for Media Justice)