I/A 2.0 Session Summary - Emerging Technologies / Platforms for Activism: What We Have & What We Need

Ben Moskowitz (Mozilla), Tony Lai (LawGives), Jim Pugh (Rebuild the Dream)

Activism isn’t new, but the landscape of activism has surely changed. Ben Moskowitz, Tony Lai and Jim Pugh led a three-part brainstorming session to answer two major questions: 1) What are the technology success stories? and 2) What are the biggest unfulfilled needs? The session leaders attempted to answer each question in terms of “what we have” and “what we need.” The answers to these questions will be used to craft a campaign for Right to Research Coalition in the Using Emerging Technologies / Platforms to Run a Campaign session (room 630 12:00 - 1:00 pm Saturday, April 21).
After quick introductions, the session leaders began by identifying themselves and their roles as activist. Ben Moskowitz develops technologies, which are both low friction and distributive. Tony Lai facilitates the connection between innovators and the mainstream. Jim Pugh works on new technologies and online tools to get people involved in activism.

The room then broke out into smaller groups discussing topics such as research, funding, transparency, tools and platforms. Ideas were scribbled down onto sticky notes and used to create a mind map (to be digitized as soon as possible!). The breakout groups then came back together to identify patterns and correlations between “what we have” and “what we need.” The session ended with a board covered with sticky notes, representing connections, issues, and creative chaos.